The Magic of the Imagination

"I believe in other kinds of magic. The magic of the imagination for example"
-J.K Rowling
Nicole. Here you may find Harry Potter, music, StarKid, and whatever such I feel the need to post! I love reading, writing, & music. Feel free to say hi sometime! I'm always here to talk :)

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"I'm just as goofy and crazy as I was before, if not more insane…and if I ever stray away feel free to find me and kick me in the shins"


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Favorite quotes from Harry Potter


Favorite quotes from Harry Potter

"We’re playing a lot of new songs, and it is a sort of venture into new territory for people who may or may not know my music [and] people who know me pre-‘Glee’ or pre-StarKid. There’s a lot of music that I had that I may or may not play on the tour. It’s more of an experiment. I’ve been working on a solo album for basically 26 years. It’s been changing throughout my life, depending on where I’m at personally, as it should. "


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Harry Potter + Wands (x), (x).

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Duel in the Ministry Atrium Concept Art

Weasley can save anything,
He never leaves a single ring,
That’s why all Gryffindors sing:
W e a s l e y is our King!

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